When you are renovating a lovely set of drawers that you just found in the local flea market or vintage centre you want to be sure that you are choosing the right style and shape of drawer pull for your project.

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Kitchen cabinets can also be given a new lease of life and wonderful makeover just by the addition of simple cup handles and cupboard knobs.

Our guide to the 5 best cup handles selection should make the job of finding the most suitable pull for your project even easier.

1. Our best selling cup handle is the Classic Cup Handle. It is stunningly simple, so it will suit both traditional and contemporary furniture. This plain cast iron cup handle is available in two sizes and a range of finishes to suit your projects needs.

2. Our second favourite drawer pull is the Apothecary Drawer Pull. This cast iron pull has an are to place your own label so that you can see what is in each drawer. A very popular office drawer pull in the past, it has now taken on a new revival for vintage style furniture and industrial drawer units.

3. This list would not be complete without our Monmouth Cup Pull. A classic domed shaker style pull which suits both traditional and contemporary projects. Available in a range of finishes to suit your project. 

4. In at No 4 is our Victorian drawer pull which is the perfect choice for any antique set of drawers in the need of something traditional and decorative. Made from solid cast iron this heavy pull will last a lifetime. 

5. Our fifth best drawer pull is the Moth pull which is both unusual and beautiful. This elegant design will suit those who appreciate nature especially moths or butterflies. Perfect for bedroom drawer units or drawers that have a feminine appeal and would suit bathrooms or conservatories.

We hope this list will help you to choose a fantastic drawer pull or cup handle that is just right for your renovation project. Be inspired to try new ideas and get going with your creative skills, you can always add or change your hardware and add a new dimension to many cabinets and drawers, so give that old set of drawers a new lease of life and try the best of our drawer pulls to suit your needs.


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