The way the English weather has been this June we're sure everyone just wants to be on the grass.

But for garden enthusiasts and those with formal gardens or gardens which are open to the public, keeping visitors off the grass is of paramount importance.
Yester Homes arched  'please keep off the grass' garden sign makes an ideal choice as it has screw fixings which can be fixed to walls, wooden boards or attached from the rear to a ground spike. It is beautifully hand painted with a floral design to set off the wording, making it a joy to look at as well as read.
There are many choices of garden sign and the smaller 'please keep off the grass' oval garden sign which can be ideal for the smaller garden where space is more of a premium or a non intrusive sign is required. 
Having signs in and around the garden can be a fun addition to the garden or helpful to visitors who may need to be informed that you are in the garden when they call, if you spend a lot of your time there.
Signs are also helpful to ensure visitors know if you want to keep your garden gate closed at all times.
Pets running free in the garden present their own challenges and so the correct signage can help to keep them safe within your boundaries. Dog loose please close the gate can be the ideal sign in those situations where your dog is at risk of escape.
Please keep to the path signs can also help direct visitors around the garden and mind the step signs can prevent nast accidents around the garden if there is an un obvious step to contend with.
Whichever messages you decide to display in and around your garden and whatever the weather this summer, happy gardening to you all and just make sure you don't end up in the Dog House.

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