At Yester Home, we hold customer reviews of our homeware and hardware central to decision making about future product development, evaluating what's working well and determining how our collections are perceived. 
With this in mind, we thought a lesser-known but equally important practice is an internal review to gain perspective from our employees. Here we meet Faye, one of our customer service representatives and delve into her experience of using various ranges in her own home and thoughts on styling.
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We asked Faye to embrace objectivity, putting personal attachments aside. In her role she has become intimately familiar with the product development process, intended features and any shortcomings so we do hope that you will find her insights valuable.  

brushed satin brass

“I absolutely love the brushed satin brass classic collection so it was a no brainier when renovating our 1930’s living room to add that touch of character with these handles. Everyone always comments on how beautiful they are, those small details really mean the most. This finish contrasts really well with my choice of paint colour on the units too.”

polished nickel handles

“I knew as soon as I finalised the kitchen plans that the Monmouth range was going to be the collection I went for on this kitchen. These handles give a modern twist but also keep that little traditional look on a shaker kitchen. I love how sturdy they feel but also that they are a lacquered finish, so low maintenance.

black handles

“I love how by switching up the handles on these built in wardrobes it already made a huge difference! The Monmouth bow handle was the perfect fit for this project, simple yet so effective!”

We believe our team are personally invested in our collections, and from the attention to detail when packing through to our personable contact options their passion and commitment to providing high quality hardware partnered with unparalleled service really do enhance customer satisfaction. 

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