One of the most asked questions our customer service team receive is 'What are the best brackets for the size of shelves I have in mind?' 

When creating functional and aesthetically pleasing shelving solutions, selecting the perfect size bracket is essential in order to provide the necessary stability. Personal preference certainly should be considered, but other key factors requiring thought include shelf depth, shelf length, weight bearing capacity and bracket material. Here's our guide on how Yester Home's range of cast iron brackets, whether minimal or decorative can assist you. 
One of our customer favourites is the Ironbridge bracket named after the famous Iron Bridge in Shropshire. Ironbridge is a UNESCO World Heritage site with its famous cast iron bridge and the Ironbridge Gorge it is a great place to visit.

aged brass ironbridge  

This classic bracket is available in 5 different size options and 7 colour choices, making it ideal for both smaller or larger shelves.  

The Iron Bridge brackets exemplify British quality and have a tough powder coated finish meaning they are easy to clean, and perfect for use both indoors or outdoors. 

Our first and smallest size is the 4.5" Bracket perfect for bathroom shelves and smaller spaces. This bracket is so appealing and certainly one to use wherever you can find some spare wall space. Ideal for shelves up to 5-7" deep. 

4.5 inch ironbridge cast iron bracket

Image credit @maxinealamaison

The second size is the 6" which is ideal for medium sized shelves up to 8" deep and any room where shelves are needed but you don't want to overwhelm the room. 

Ideal for shelves 6 - 8" deep.

6 inch ironbridge cast iron

Image credit @melissa.jolly

The 7" follows closely behind and this size seems to be the most popular for the majority of households who are considering several shelves or using multiple brackets. 

Ideal for shelves 7 - 10" deep.

7 inch ironbridge cast iron

Image credit @the_interior_lens

The 8" Iron Bridge bracket is ideal for kitchens, laundries, offices or bookshelves. It can also be great in boot rooms, cloakrooms or tack rooms and is ideal for heavy duty shelving. 

Ideal for shelves 8 - 12" deep.

8 inch cast iron

Image credit @allanahmorrill

Finally the 10" bracket is our largest in this range and perfect for heavier shelves or larger projects and rooms where a deep shelf is required. These are also popular in alcoves which are usually found in period properties. 

Ideal for shelves 10 - 14" deep.

10 inch ironbridge cast iron

Image credit @emuplops

Product shown: Black Ironbridge Cast Iron Bracket

Each bracket is available in White, Black, Pewter, Polished Brass, Aged Brass, Shot Blasted Brass and Powder Coated Aged Brass finishes which gives you the ultimate choice to match with colour schemes and room designs.

Now you have an idea of the best bracket size depending on your shelves purpose and location, you can browse our most popular minimal shelving brackets options.

heritage bracket

Image credit @kirkgate.cottage

'Shaker Style' Product shown: Heritage Solid Brass Bracket

Or in contrast why not take a look at our decorative options for supporting your books and beyond.

chiltern polished brass bracket

Image credit @sandstoneandslate 

'Small but mighty' Product shown: Chiltern Bracket 

victorian leaf

Image credit @stephfrom_belmont

'Timeless' Product shown: Victorian Leaf Bracket 

Taking these recommended steps will enable you to choose brackets which are most suited to your shelving needs, and also to enjoy a well-organised and functional storage solution for years to come.


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