Are you off to University or returning to work after the summer break? As remote working continues to redefine our career approach, the concept of the traditional office has gracefully given way to stylish and functional workspaces in our homes. Whether you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, here is some interior inspiration to help you transform your work-from-home set up into a haven of productivity and creativity.    

1. Install Green Cabinets

green home office

Image Credit: @our_tooting_terrace

Product Shown: Aged Brass Turn Cupboard Latch

Calming, cosy and moody. Rely on shades from Mother Nature to give your office a new lease of life, from the choice of paint to scattering succulents throughout. Reap the benefits of bringing the outdoors in, particularly if you choose air-purifying varieties such as spider or snake plants.  

2. Add open shelving 

open shelving home office

Image Credit: @25.springcottage

Product Shown: Polished Brass Ironbridge Brackets

One worth replicating, this layout has everything you need at arms reach. Our striking brass bracket serve as the perfect contrast to the light green panelled walls. This cute nook also takes us back in time with an array of old books giving it an antique feel.  Shelving is perfect for keeping your workspace de-cluttered and when the chair's pushed in, it's almost like it isn't there. 

3. Incorporate a gallery wall

gallery wall home office 

Image Credit: @fiveatnumberthree

Product Shown: Aged Brass Mushroom Knob

Why not incorporate holiday snaps as a reminder of your adventures and to help you maintain focus on working hard? Perhaps even treat yourself to a little daydream whilst working. We guarantee choosing to incorporate personal interests, and surrounding yourself with photos, art or other prized possessions will ensure that you stay connected with your own identity and keep you motivated throughout the day.   

4. Utilise storage

storage home office

Image Credit: @zitajanehome

Product Shown: Aged Brass Classic Collection 

Here's how to stay organised with stylish storage, this set up allows plenty of space to lock your office essentials away at the end of a busy day. Also, don't forget to overlook seating! As shown you no longer need to worry about sacrificing style for comfort. Choose a chair with adequate support which your back will thank you for in the long run. 

5. Make it personal 

personalised home office

Image Credit: @inside_the.cottage

Product Shown: Aged Brass Classic Collection 

Adding initials, a personalised sign and other trinkets really does give this space a personal touch. 

The rest is up to you: by considering practicality, comfort and your own personal touch you have not only redefined your workspace but also enhanced your overall work-life balance. 

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