Don't you just love a kitchen renovation? So do we! Recently Yester Home had the pleasure of teaming up with the lovely Rachel Khoo in creating her wonderful dream kitchen. If you haven't heard or Rachel Khoo she is an International food writer, broadcaster and creative entrepreneur, and so for Rachel the kitchen really is the most important room in the home.

Rachel inherited from the previous owners (who had renovated the kitchen in 2006) a perfectly functional if not somewhat falling apart well used kitchen.


Photography by Gina Mannberg

Rachel wanted to create a space that would work for both her professional projects (TV shows, recipe photoshoots and development) and her busy young family. Rachel’s love of craftsmanship, good design, functionality but also aesthetics were all key in her choosing the brands she decided to work with. In the day and age where there can be a throw away attitude to interiors, it was important that all elements of the kitchen had a timeless feel together with being made of quality materials in order to withstand the daily usage.


Creating a feeling of more space, additional work surface and better socialising possibilities were all factored into the design. Open shelving, something Rachel has loved since her Little Paris Kitchen days, had to be incorporated but in a more refined way. We love how our brass brackets compliment the marble shelving perfectly. 

Products Shown - 10" Ironbridge Bracket | Solid Brass | 5" Drawer Pull in Polished Brass

The colour choice is never an easy task. Eventually a colour was picked that everyone in the family liked. The beautifully deep green hues highlights the elegance of our brass hardware wonderfully and is a timeless look which will stand the test of time. 

Product Shown: Cupboard Latch in Polished Brass

Rachel instantly fell in love with our timeless Classic Collection of solid brass hardware in polished brass. Being able to use both cupboard hardware & shelving brackets in the same finish creates a seamless look throughout the project and compliments the other brassware in the room.

Products Shown

With all those factors to consider it’s no surprise this project took over a year from conception to renovation. It was completely worth the wait though, Rachel now had her dream kitchen which is a work of art in our opinion. 
If you are feeling inspired by what Rachel has created you can see our Classic Collection of brass hardware here.
If you want to learn more about Rachel's kitchen renovation you can read more on her own blog here.


Samantha Swan. said:

The devil is most definitely in the detail & this kitchen is a master class in this. Characterful, yet light, airy & practical with just the correct amount of decorative finishes.
Spot on choice of high quality cabinate catches & handles. Very classy without having broken the bank, I’m sure!.

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