Green is the most Instagrammed kitchen colour trend of the past year. It is so easy to get right if you know how, but just as easy to get wrong. Let's take a look at a few of our customer favourites so far this year and how they got green so right. 

(Image credit. Hush Kitchens)

In 2021 green kitchens have taken the 'kitchen' hashtag on Instagram by storm; kitchen companies have been introducing bolder, darker shades of green to their collections; and paint companies have inspired us with beautiful images of green-painted cabinetry.

For many years, white kitchens have dominated our homes – and for good reason: they are easy to live with, timeless and promote light-reflection and calm in what can be a busy & usually chaotic space.
Green, on the other hand, is a difficult shade to design with – and you can easily get key elements of the design drastically wrong. So, we have gathered together our favourite green kitchens to showcase how versatile and creative this colour can be. 


(Image credit. Hush Kitchens)

Designing a kitchen with dark green cabinetry needs a careful touch. The deep tones of the green may be dramatic but they will not reflect light, nor will they create a warm, welcoming appeal for the room. 
How to get it right? Maximise light and warmth in the room by keeping windows undressed, by choosing pale colours for backsplashes, by picking warm metallic fittings – think brass, gold or copper – over cool ones, such as silver. Furthermore, work warm wooden tones into your scheme whether its natural wooden flooring or light wooden furniture.
In the kitchen pictured above, Hush Kitchens highlighted our Classic Collection of Hardware in Polished Brass which adds a beautiful warming contrast to the deep moody cabinets. Polished brass also reflects light which helps to brighten up the deep unreflective cabinetry while complimenting the tones of the wooden flooring.


(Image credit. @katie_at_the_crescent_)

Warmer than a steely gray, this grey-green can look beautiful in a kitchen, creating a calm, peaceful feel for such a busy space. 
How to get it right? Again, we would advise adding in woody tones for warmth. White fittings, such as sinks and wall cabinetry, add relief, while darker fittings, such as our Aged Brass Cupboard Handles & other dark brass elements can create a wonderful contrast, as you can see in the kitchen above.


Image credit: @juliarajkovicphotography

Shelving can be a tricky area for a kitchen, it needs to both practical and not cluttered which any homeowner will know is harder than it sounds.  

How to get it right? In the example above, the marble shelving combined with our brass shelf brackets adds a beautiful natural element to this space while maintaining the colour theme throughout. The shelves are beautifully dressed with fresh flowers and white crockery which carries on the kitchens colours. A great tip when it comes to shelving is try to create balance by placing similar height objects at either end of the shelf. 


Green Kitchen

(Image credit. @stephfrom_belmont)

Light green kitchen are equally as popular and striking as dark green kitchens and for good reason.

How to get it right? Similarly to dark green kitchens, when combined with light wood, brass hardware, and marble worktops, the light green kitchen is the best of both worlds, striking & elegant yet still daring and bold. In the example above, light green units are combined with our Monmouth Brushed Satin Brass Handles & marble worktops to create a traditional shaker style kitchen with an edge. Light green kitchens work with a variety of hardware choices but our personal favourite is brass which will lift the space and add subtle colour. 


Image credit: @juliarajkovicphotography

We’re seeing more and more warming tones of brass in modern kitchens. Brass is the ideal shade for enhancing on-trend blues and green cabinetry, while adding a luxurious touch. Ironmongery can elevate the style of a kitchen tremendously.

Often overlooked, knobs and handles can really transform a kitchen design. It’s the finishing touches that can make or break a space.

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