Houseplants and shelving go together like sugar and cream or tea and biscuits, but whatever you are thinking of placing on your shelves, having sturdy, beautiful shelves and brackets in the kitchen can create a real statement. 
Look what can be created when you pair our solid brass brackets with marble shelves, a classic combination that oozes timeless appeal.

Image Credit @rachelkhooks

Here at Yester Home we have been sourcing original antique bracket patterns for as long as we can remember, meaning our brackets have original detail and marks where possible.

Often using original patterns from the Victorian era or designing our own unique designs with style and practicality in mind, we have since hand made our own shelving range to make life that little bit easier when it comes to choosing the right shelves for your project.

Image Credit @cushion_faffer1901
Following the popularity of our brackets we have since decided to add our own line of scaffold shelves, you can see them here.

So whether it is shelving in your kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway or bathroom you are thinking of, we're sure to have that little decorative feature to make them look really special.

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