Brass & Bronze Kitchen Handles

Brass & bronze has been a trendsetter in the home for 2017 and is set to continue into 2018 as it compliments a variety of styles. The metals versatility can create warmth in a space, bring elegance or even add industrial charm.

For these reasons brass and bronze has been very popular in the heart of the home - the kitchen, making metallic hardware their go to choice for 2018.

It works beautifully with both marble and wooden work surfaces along with a variety of colours and tones whether it be white cupboard doors or dark moody ones. 

Brass Kitchen Handles
Photo Credit | Humphrey Munson
Brass Kitchen Handles
Photo Credit |
Brass Kitchen Handles
Photo Credit | Humphrey Munson

 We're in love with these rich golden tones and are finally excited to announce our latest exclusive range of brass & bronze handles from our Classic Collection.

Polished Brass & Bronze Handles

Brass Kitchen Handles

Our polished brass & bronze cabinet handles are stunning cupboard knobs and drawer cup pull handles made from solid cast brass & bronze with a lovely polished finish.

These handles are not lacquered so they will dull down naturally if not regularly polished with a product such as Brasso. 

They will compliment many kitchen styles from modern shaker styles to country kitchens.  


Aged Brass & Bronze Handles

Aged Bronze Cupboard Handles

Our aged brass & bronze cupboard handles are a stunning one-of-a-kind handle which has an aged patina applied for stunning unique aged antique finish.

The handles are cast from solid Brass or Bronze, hand polished and then using traditional ageing techniques we are able to apply a finish which resembles beautiful old aged brass or bronze.

These handles will accentuate other antique brass/bronze accents in and around your home and compliment more industrial / factory style kitchens or those looking for an unusual and interesting design.


Please let us know your thoughts on this new range in the comments and whether you've updated to brass and bronze in your home. 

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