The oldest type of locking device, rim locks have been used since the Medieval period. Fitted to the surface of a door, they ooze charm and character and are often found in period properties.

Box & Rim Locks are a great option if your door is not thick enough to fit an internal locking mechanism but can also be used on thicker doors simply as a style choice. We offer a range of Rim Locks and Latches in different finishes as well as a large collection of accompanying knobs and escutcheons.

Above - Iron Davenport Rim Lock with a Beehive Knob.


Rim Locks

A traditional rim lock contains a simple latch and a deadbolt lock and is designed to be fitted to the side of the door that opens inwards. The lock is operated with a key and can be locked and unlocked from both sides of the door. The keyhole is covered by an escutcheon on the other side of the door. The latch is operated by a mortice / rim door knob. These knobs have loose roses. The door knob which is mounted onto the lock has its rose removed whilst the knob on the other side of the door retains its rose.


Above - Polished Brass Left Hand Rim Lock - Large.


Oak Box Locks

Our wonderful Oak Box Locks are sold as a complete set. They are made from responsibly resourced, unstained English oak and contain a 5 Lever lock. These locks are reversible and come complete with an Octagonal Knob Set with separate roses, escutcheons and straps. Choose between our pewter patina or black finish. This quality piece of craftsmanship creates a statement on any door.

Above - Pewter Patina Oak Box Lock.


Rim Latches (Bathroom Latch)

A rim latch consists of a latch (operated by a door knob) and a smaller deadbolt that is operated by a sliding draw bolt at the top of the box rather than a key. This means that the latch can only be locked from one side of the door (the side that it has been fitted to). As with the traditional rim lock, a rim latch is designed to be fitted to the side of the door that opens inwards. These latches are most used in bathrooms or bedrooms that require privacy without the need for a keyhole and key.

Above - Iron Right Hand Bathroom Latch, Below - Polished Brass Left Hand Bathroom Latch.


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