Here at Yester Home we stock a wide selection of door knockers in a variety of styles and finishes. With regards to installing a door knocker there are two different types of fixings—"Bolt-through" and "Surfaced Fixed". This guide's installation instructions are for door knockers of the "Surfaced Fixed" variety.
The pieces that are included in the Ring Door Knocker are listed below, and they are the same for all surface-mounted knockers.
See below for complete installation instructions, but keep in mind that some caution would be required to install one even if carpentry skills are not required; all you need is a pencil, a drill, drill bits and a hammer.


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Supplied with matching 70mm stainless steel threaded bars and dome headed caps.

  • Modifying a fixed surface Knocker installation is a pretty easy task, but you must be careful while drilling and marking out to have a correct alignment on your door.
  • Start by selecting where on your door the knocker should be installed, keeping in mind not to place it too high to accommodate people of all heights and avoiding any mouldings, windows, or ironmongery.

  • Hold the item firmly so that it doesn't move while you mark the four fixing holes on the backplate using a pen or pencil.

  • Remove the item, making sure not to scrape the surface of your door while you drill a hole with a 2 mm drill bit.
  • For the other three marks, follow the same procedure.


  • Screw in the door partially after placing the first screw in the backplate. The From The Anvil screws should be handled with caution because they are all hand-made. To ensure that your product's position hasn't shifted, repeat the process for each screw that is only partially fixing it.
  • To ensure that the product is properly fastened to the door, snugly tighten each screw.


  • The strike plate needs to be attached in the following steps.
  • Lift the knocker out of the way to make it easier for you to identify where a pilot hole has to be drilled underneath the knocker, where it will strike against the door.


  • Drill a pilot hole using a 3mm drill bit where you have placed your mark. When repairing the strike plate, this is helpful.
  • On step 7, there may be a propensity for the wood or composite door to split if a pilot hole is not drilled.


  • To prevent splitting the door material, slip the supplied striking plate into the hole you just drilled and gently hammer it into place.


  • Once the strike plate is firmly installed, the task is over, and your From The Anvil door knocker is ready for use.
  • After checking to make sure everything is securely fastened, wait for your first guest.