Wedding season has officially arrived! So.. you have your invite, a glamorous outfit ready but your unsure what to buy for the happy couple. Why not celebrate love with a thoughtful gift from our family to yours? As someone who has recently got married myself, I was blown away by not only the heartfelt but equally practical items we received. Particularly those with personal touches and stories behind them, which now have pride of place in our home and will undoubtedly be cherished for years to come. 
Here are my top picks from our carefully curated collection, for lovers of home decor which ooze quality and charm to help inspire you. Think fun, unexpected, and prices to suit every budget. Lets take the newlyweds living space to the next level! 
Laura - Resident Style Advisor  

Personalised Signage

personalised sign

 Product Shown: Personalised Enamel Sign

Our vintage style enamel pressed signs are handmade, with dyes used for the embossing process dating back 80 years ago. No two signs are made the same, making them a lovely keepsake for the happy couple. They are hardwearing enough for use indoors or outdoors and come with a lifetime guarantee!  



champayne flute

 Product Shown: Champagne Glass Monogram Seal

Its likely the bride and groom will have received a bottle of fizz or two on their big day. What better way to enjoy their Saturday-night sips than with our timeless Champagne Glass featuring an initial of your choice. Cheers to that! 


 Storage Boxes & Baskets

vintage wooden storage box

Product Shown: Vintage Storage Box

Historically, this vintage storage box would have been used to make hand moulded bricks, and with bricks building the happy couples home this makes for a touching talking point. Personally, I have loved utilising this item as a keepsake box helping combat those post wedding blues! It holds favours, invites, illustrations and other mementos from our special day.  

Cake Domes & Stands

cake stand

Product Shown: Marble Cake Dome

Surprisingly, somehow we had lemon drizzle left overs! Why not consider gifting a cake dome so the couple can display what's left of their showstopper in the heart of the home, whilst preserving the natural moisture of the cake keeping it tasty for as long as possible.  


Vases & Plant Pots

mickleton vase large

 Product Shown: Mickleton Vase

One thing is for sure, the couple will amass an array of flowers! Our sparkling stemware symbolises fresh beginnings and growth, they are the perfect meaningful gift for those embarking on a new life together. Our larger vases, make for striking centrepieces in a hallway or positioned on dining tables. Just as a vase holds and nurtures flowers, it represents the nurturing of a new relationship and the blooming of love and happiness. 


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