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Are you thinking of updating your kitchen this summer? If so, there are countless reasons why it is the PERFECT season! Think more consistent weather (in theory if you live in the UK anyway), longer days, lighter nights and better ventilation for any paints, varnishes or adhesives you might be using. If you are replacing your cooker, summer brings the option of outdoor dining minimising any inconvenience which comes with not having a fully functional kitchen at your fingertips.  Here is our rundown of top hardware finishes and countertops for taupe kitchen cabinets - Laura (Resident Style Advisor)
taupe kitchen with dark worktops
Image Credit: @ourhebehome

Why are darker countertops back in style?

Make a statement: Dark countertops add a bold contrast to lighter cabinetry and walls. These surfaces are also incredibly practical as they are excellent at hiding stains, spills and scratches. If you opt for under-cabinet lighting, pendant lighting or are lucky enough to have a space filled with natural light, you have an opportunity to highlight the veining and colour variations found in darker wood or granite. 


dark worktop taupe cabinets
Image Credit: @ourhebehome

What materials are best for dark countertops? 

Sourcing the right dark kitchen countertop material, is very much a matter of balancing style, durability, maintenance and budget. The most durable materials to choose from which come in a variety of finishes are porcelain, granite, quartz or soapstone (a great fit if your a fan of earthy textures).
dark worktops
Image Credit: @av.home

Is taupe a good colour for kitchen cabinets?

For SURE! Its a timeless shade that fits right in, and makes countertop, backsplashes, hardware and other fitting options endless. Additionally, taupe is also a wise investment for your kitchen's aesthetic longevity. This neutral shade appeals to different tastes should you wish to market your home in the future. 

taupe kitchen units

What is the benefit of taupe over white or grey for cabinets?

These warm undertones are a middle ground between very light or dark colours which adds an inviting feel to a space, whilst helping to disguise spills and smudges in high traffic areas. 

taupe worktops
Image Credit: @nettieshomestead

What colours and finishes would you pair taupe kitchen cabinets with?

We recommend contrasting taupe with bold colours, as shown here by Nettie dark aged brass hardware and shelf brackets coupled with dark wood accessories are a dreamy combination. 

taupe kitchen units

What items did Danielle choose for her kitchen makeover?

classic aged brass turn cupboard latch


Classic Aged Brass Turn Cupboard Latch


5 inch drawer pull classic aged brass


5" Drawer Pull Classic Aged Brass


30" Classic Aged Brass Mushroom Knob

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