Are you lacking inspiration for your kitchen project? With Emma's guidance @whiteorchardinteriors you will be booking the builders in and creating that mood board in no time.  

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How long did your kitchen renovation take?

We designed and built our home ourselves, and it took around 4 years start to finish.

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Were there any significant hurdles to overcome along the way?

 There were far too many hurdles along the way to count! From details with the city and permitting, to financial restraints with Covid. You name it!  But we got there in the end.

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How did you go about planning the layout?

When starting the drawings for this home, we really wanted the spaces to be light, airy, and warm. The kitchen was no exception. We wanted a large island to be the center and the cabinetry to wrap around, allowing for lots of space and entertaining capacity. Dishwasher right by the sink, garbage, and recycling right by the prep area, and the fridge easily accessible by the pantry and oven.

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How did you decide on the colour scheme?  

I have always loved the warmth that oak gives to a space and pairing it with warmer whites allows spaces to feel cozy and inviting. I knew when we started designing the kitchen that I really wanted warm oak cabinetry to be the star of the space. The Swiss coffee cabinetry @Benjamin Moore, pair well with the warmer oak giving it more character.

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Why did you choose this hardware finish?

I am a lover of Brass! Brass door hardware, brass lighting, and brass cabinetry hardware! When I was researching polished brass from Yester Home, I loved how the brass aged would wear with use and the amazing reviews from previous customers. The oak and the brass are just perfection! 

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Any £££ advice for other homeowners? 
Patience, I think is key. My husband and I took on this huge project with not a lot of money but a whole lot of ambition. We knew it could turn out to be beautiful, but we also knew it would take a lot of hard work. 
We did everything from house drainage to framing our kitchen hood fan.

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Anything you would change looking back?

I think looking back now I wouldn't put as much pressure on us to get things done. It always gets done in the end, but staying up till 1 am and getting up at 5 isn't always the answer haha. 

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Are there any accounts you admire?

 There is so many amazing accounts! Such incredible inspiration out there. Some must follow accounts for me are @patrickahearnarchitect for exterior inspo and @kimberlyjoneslifestyle for everything lifestyle and interior design. 

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What was your soundtrack/radio station of choice whilst renovating? 

I think this varied quite drastically with our mood, country to gangster rap haha.

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Why did you choose us?
We decided to purchase all of our home hardware from Yester Home as the products are not only very high quality but the price is amazing! The hardware is heavy, solid and durable at an amazing price.

A massive thank you to Emma for joining us for a Q&A, why not follow her white house renovation journey over at @whiteorchardinteriors

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