Hey there, fellow renovation lover! When it comes to hardware, beauty really is in the details. On average you interact with hardware more than any other feature, every time you turn on a light switch, plug in an appliance, or open a door for example. 
Knowing how to choose the right finish and any differences between them can help you to make an informed decision. We asked a select group of our customers what matters to them most when choosing hardware for their homes, as shown below quality far outweighs other factors.   
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The difference between popular hardware finishes: Explained by a hardware expert

Polished Brass 

polished brass

Image credit @hungryhearthome
Initially, polished brass is a mirror-like reflective surface, which carries an almost golden tint. Over time it oxidises as it's exposed to the air and begins to patina, creating a distinctive but less dramatic look. For a highly polished appearance we recommend using 'Brasso' or 'Peek' to maintain the shine. 

Aged Brass 

aged brass kitchen handles

Image credit @netties_homestead
Aged brass is a living finish, therefore areas used more frequently over time will polish from the natural oils on your hands. This hand applied finish is relatively low maintenance but can be lightened or a custom finish created to match other hardware by using brass polish. 

 Brushed Satin Brass

brushed satin brass hardware

Image credit @pagesofemma

Brushed satin brass has a subdued sheen and matt appearance with warm, golden undertones which has been added by hand during manufacturing to age naturally over time. 

Hopefully, these customer kitchens help provide you with a better idea of the differences between each finish all of which suit both modern and traditional homes.


polished nickel hardware

Image credit @hoopsandhome

Hardware finishes: recommendations and mistakes to avoid

  • Opt for reflective finishes such as polished brass if your aim is to bounce light around the room
  • Decide whether you want consistent or mixed metals, giving thought to accessories throughout the decision making progress 
  • In areas where hygiene is key, we recommend choosing natural brass as its antibacterial 
  • Avoid using water to clean your brass hardware, instead wipe with a warm damp cloth and dry immediately 
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