Metaphorically you know it's time to hang your hat up when you have finished with a situation, but what about those times in life that are literally asking you to hang your hat (and coat) up?

From delicate Ascot worthy headpieces, to hat's which are integral to your image that you wouldn't be seen without. Organise your space and find the perfect solution for your boot room or utility area with our range of Hat & Coat Hooks.

 classic hat and coat hook

Product Shown: Classic Aged Brass Hat & Coat Hook

A Clutter Free, Functional Space

Tired of cluttered boot rooms and messy utility areas? As shown above, a customer favourite the vintage Classic Brass Hat & Coat Hook provides the ideal solution. Stylishly designed and durable they will prevent you searching for misplaced items of clothing or tripping over accessories! 

hare hooks

Product Shown: Hare Hook

The Right Hook For The Job

Our ornate Hare Hooks are a firm favourite, made from metal with beautiful intricate detailing they look lovely in any room of your home. At Yester Home, we understand that dimensions and other helpful information are important when choosing coat hooks. That's why we include detailed listings on our website, so you can make an informed decision.

kenrick hook

Product Shown: Kenrick Cast Iron Hat & Coat Hook

Choose from a Range of Finishes

Why not mount hat and coat hooks onto a board so that all of your coats and accessories can be hung up together, as shown here using our Kenrick Cast Iron Hat & Coat Hooks. 

 Are you looking for hooks that match your existing decor? We've got you covered. Our range includes an array of finishes including several brass finishes, and rustic iron. 

iron love heart hook 

Product Shown: Wrought Iron Love Heart Hook

We just love this little decorative hook, think country cottage vibes! Our particularly elegant Love Heart Hook can be positioned anywhere, such as near to doors in hallways, on the back of doors in bathrooms to throw your towels and robes over or even to hang your curtain tie back from. 

Hat and coat hooks may seem like insignificant fixtures in your home, but investing in quality pieces can transform your living space into a more organised and welcoming environment. These effective fixtures add a touch of character whilst making a big difference to your daily life.

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