It's that time of year, when having a dedicated space to store muddy boots and wet coats is essential to keep the rest of your home clean and tidy. Fresh air and open spaces beckon as we dig out those walking boots and head into wintery woodland and open spaces.
 During Autumn and winter we tend to return home with boots and wellies caked in mud and needing a good clean before we settle down next to the open fire with a hot cup of something warm ready to relax again.
That's why we have put together a collection of boot room inspiration featuring some of our best selling accessories, that we think will make coming home a pleasure after being in the great outdoors.
The best advice is to invest in durable paint (an eggshell finish is ideal) and sturdy flooring to withstand daily high footfall in all weather conditions.

1. Design your space around storage

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It's very clear our customers ensure that storage is used to utilise every last inch of space, and is often the key feature in many bootilities. Here Brittany has painted her coat rail and storage the same colour as the wall behind so they blend effortlessly, and allowed the brass accents to do the talking. Meticulously plotting deep storage provisions, avoids your space becoming a dumping ground for seasonal clothing and footwear. To find items in drawers with ease, encourage little ones to help with labelling up contents on the outside.       

2. Inject some country character 

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If an English style boot room brimming with character is on your mood board, our hare hooks are the perfect addition to reflect the charm of rural living. As Kelly demonstrates, by choosing a colour palette of creamy beiges and muted greens combined with other natural materials a soothing yet rustic atmosphere has been created.  

3. Add seating

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An effortless and comfortable shift from indoors to outside is made possible by boot rooms. It's a great idea to provide an element of seating, as Emma has done so it makes removing muddy footwear a dream. The ideal bench seating arrangement would have soft cushions made of durable, machine-washable materials on top. In addition to having a convenient place to take off your own shoes and assist kids with their laces, the area beneath can be used for additional storage.

4. Introduce shelving

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Product Shown: Turn Cupboard Latch
Naturally, here at Yester Home we are big lovers of open shelving. It's perfect for guest convenience providing a designated space for them to place shoes and other belongings upon arrival at your home. Your stress levels will undoubtedly reduce as you won't be searching for misplaced items or dealing with a cluttered entryway. 
Caro has also incorporated tongue-and-groove panelling, which is synonymous with classic New England styling. This look has practical benefits as walls are protected from scuffs and can easily be wiped clean.

5. Inject the great outdoors

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As a space that is connected to the great outdoors, typically with a door leading to the garden or the front porch here is a perfect example of how one of our customers has brought the outdoors in. Painted in a lush shade of forest green, and featuring freshly picked flowers this area is a vision. Coat hooks can be used as an alternative to boot and shoe storage if needed.   

A bootility acts as a buffer between the outside world, and interior of your home protecting it from weather related damage and minimising the need for cleaning in various areas therefore reducing maintenance costs in the long run. A well designed space will streamline your daily routines, and enable your belongings to dry out sufficiently in readiness for your next adventure, so what are you waiting for?


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