Switched Bayonet Bakelite Lampholder with hook - All Colours


Authentic pattern Bakelite Bayonet type lampholders in the traditional shape. Perfect for all lampshades with the smaller 28mm diameter hole which is the standard British domestic lighting size. Also great for restoration of antique lamps and period installations.

The lower flared section unscrews, the shade is fitted and that part screws back on as a shade ring. The top section unscrews to reveal the electrical connection terminals.

  • For bayonet bulbs also known as BC or B22
  • Minimum diameter of fitting hole 27mm, max 30mm
  • Height (bare) 82mm, (grip) 97mm, (hook) 114mm
  • BS EN 61184 RoHS & REACH Compliant
  • Max 60W bulb (without shade)