Ukranian Aid

Currently, there are millions of Ukrainians in need of financial, practical and emotional support. This is a situation of human suffering and here at Yester Home we believe we have a moral obligation to reach out and help in any way we can. We will be contributing 5% of all sales to both the British-Ukrainian Aid and The British Red Cross who continue to deliver essential humanitarian support and help the people of Ukraine through this time of crisis. Customers also have the opportunity to contribute additional donations if they wish.

Any help will make a difference. 

Charities we are working with

British-Ukrainian Aid Volunteers
Photo by Artūras Kokorevas from Pexels

British-Ukrainian Aid

Assisting those who have been impacted including; the injured, orphaned, and disadvantaged.

An organization aiming at positive impact in Ukraine and other areas hit by war

  • Offering care and emotional support to vulnerable groups

  • Running Sponsor a Ukrainian Child programme that promotes the future of children traumatized by war

  • Funding construction work to house refugees

  • Spreading awareness about Ukrainian history, conflicts, and problems

  • Providing medical care to victims of war

  • Providing humanitarian support

  • Creating programs on social adaptation

  • Managing medical aid, critical supplies, transportation services through the donations

  • Discussing Ukrainian history and culture through presentations and discussions to promote awareness

British Red Cross - Ukraine Aid

  • Collaborating with Ukrainian Red Cross Society to cater to the needs of people suffering due to conflicts

  • Providing food, shelter and warm clothes to people

  • Educating families about international humanitarian law

  • Helping in the repair of water lines

  • Aiding medical institutions with medical supplies

  • Helping at blood donation points

  • Reporting and taking people to the hospital

British Red Cross is making fervent efforts to assuage the trauma and loss of Ukrainian people by collecting donations and creating structured plans for aid.