Kirkpatrick have always remained true to their roots with the iconic black ironmongery that they produce.
Their continued success is due to the world-class quality of their authentic handmade products but also their ability to adapt and develop their ranges to suit modern homes. Their range of door locks is bang up to date for modern homes who appreciate traditional fixtures and fittings, being made to exceptionally high-quality standards. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider securing your home with a Kirkpatrick quality lock.
Kirkpatrick Traditional Black Ironmongery Locks
1. Their Night Latches are made in both Narrow and Standard sizes. These night latches are part of Kirkpatrick's black antique collection and suits both traditional and country homes perfectly. They are finished with high-quality black paints, so you can rest assured that they will look great as well as function superbly.
Narrow Night Latch
2. Kirkpatrick locks are made from Malleable iron which is superior to cast iron as it has superior strength and durability. Kirkpatrick make the highest quality malleable iron hardware for your home and have done since 1855. This Rustic Black Iron Rim Lock is no exception and suits old wooden doors superbly. This traditional black iron rim lock can be supplied as lock, latch or deadlock. It is supplied with 1550 knob, oval escutcheon and a Wilkes spindle.
Rustic Black Iron Rim Lock
3.Kirkpatricks produce an ideal range of black latches and locks for creating an authentic look and feel in your home.The choice of locks available all reflects their commitment to style and choice whilst producing handmade ironmongery using skilled traditional foundry men which gives Kirkpatrick products an authenticity and longevity that cannot be matched by less expensive, poor quality imitations.The range includes bathroom locks, deadlocks and weighted locks.This bathroom lock can be used with a turn and release feature.
Bathroom Lock
4. Made in the UK, Kirkpatricks undoubtedly manufacture some of the finest ironmongery in the world. By combining their age-old manufacturing techniques with advanced finishing methods, Kirkpatrick ensure that their products offer true heritage and longevity that other companies cannot match. The stunning design and beautiful finishes can be clearly seen with this Antique Black Iron Rim Lock  which comes in both a left and right hand version.
Antique Black Iron Rim Lock
 5. Kirkpatricks locks are versatile and can be keyed alike or keyed to differ. This Iron Rim Cylinder Lock and Keys can have keys cut alike to match all doors, so that you only need to use the same key. The keys can also be ordered with keys cut to differ so that there is a different key for every lock. This can be really useful for hotels and small B and B's where you want each door to have its own set of keys.
Iron Rim Cylinder Lock & Latch
Many Kirkpatrick locks come with a euro cylinder option and they have also now included security cylinder latch pulls for use with the euro cylinder locks. These are some of the reasons we would choose a Kirkpatrick lock for our home but don't take our word for it take a look at their complete range of locks and latches here and make up your own mind.

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