Valentine's Day is upon us and we're feeling the love, but one thing is for sure men seem far more difficult to buy for! You are therefore likely to be asking yourself a few questions .. which luckily we are about to help you with!

Whatever you like to do on Valentine's Day one thing is sure, it is a reminder to consider our expression of love, whether its love of your significant other, yourself, your friend or even your pet. 

With this in mind, we have put together a few little treasures to delight and inspire your gifting intentions on February 14th.

What are some unique Valentine's gift ideas for him?

Think outside of the box. 

Our Pewter Stag Head Decanter is a real showstopper that's sure to make their heart skip a beat. It's absolutely perfect for loved ones who enjoy a tipple now and again. Think elegance, style and eye-catching design which is accentuated wonderfully by patterned pewter banding around the base and stag.  
Pewter Stag Head Decanter
Alternatively, we are sure he will love you all the more when he receives this decorative yet practical beer bottle carrier. Perfect for Valentine's day and the rest of the year, fill it with his favourite beers and he's yours.
beer carrier

What are some budget-friendly Valentine's gifts for him?

If affordable options are essential, we recommend considering small but meaningful items such as a book from his favourite author, a homemade dinner or if he's the type that likes to retreat every now and again, then our man cave sign is both a classy and fun way to designate his personal space.

This sign is the perfect special touch for man caves, sheds, garages, anywhere a man has his man cave. Maybe he'll even invite you to join him on occasion, especially if it is Valentine's Day! 
the man cave sign

How can I find out his preferences without giving away the surprise?

The most subtle ways are to take note of his interests, hobbies and conversations. You can also ask his friends and family for suggestions on the low. 

Should I consider personalised gifts for Valentine's Day?

Yes, definitely consider personalised items based on his interests or hobbies.
Show that someone special exactly how you feel, by considering personalised gifts such as engraved accessories or monogrammed items both of which show thoughtfulness and effort.  
If Gin is his thing this monogrammed Gin glass makes a unique statement and will be an everyday reminder of your love and togetherness.
It features an elegant wax seal style pewter badge, the initial of your loved one decorates this glass and makes him realise how special he is to you.
gin glass

What are some classic gifts that never go out of style?

If you want to warm his heart and his hands this firepit is a classic gift which is sure to delight whilst making a statement in any garden or patio area. Load one up with freshly cut logs and gather round for a romantic evening outdoors. 

However you decide to spend this day of love, remember that the most meaningful gifts often transcend price tags. It's the sentimental value, the personal touch, and the acknowledgment of his individual qualities that make a gift truly special. May your Valentine's Day be filled with joy, warmth, and the shared delight of meaningful connections! 


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