Light it up this autumn! Renovating a space, without giving consideration to lighting is like going to an all inclusive, 5* resort and only eating what’s in the bread basket. Make sure you explore a variety of dishes, and factor adding dimension into your home with lighting. Draw attention to your favourite art with downlighting, add energy to panelling with wall lights or make that reading nook even more of a cosy spot.  

Our table lamps are ideal for bed side tables, or placed on dressing tables providing the perfect spotlight to read your favourite book and unwind. They also softly diffuse light to achieve a welcoming ambience.

table lamp

Product Shown: Clarendon Table Lamp Clear 

Wall lights can be co-ordinated with other hardware such as light switches and door handles, to make your interiors harmonious whilst creating a room with texture and interest.

brass period wall light

Product Shown: Brass Period Light

Why not consider a stylish centrepiece for your guest room by adding, a ceiling light? The Brooklyn pendant light for example is compatible with dimming bulbs, allowing you to adjust the intensity and exude the desired amount of ambience.

pendant light

Make a statement with our range of floor lamps, which can be equipped with energy-efficient LED bulbs reducing electricity consumption and long-term energy costs for your household. Portability is a great feature, which allows you to layer lights and create zones of brightness.

floor lamp

Product Shown: Hampstead Floor Lamp

As the nights begin to draw in your likely to treasure time outdoors even more so. Grab a throw, and allow our festoon lights to illuminate the path to your garden room or fire pit. Add a touch of style to your space by draping them from pergolas, creating geometric patterns or wrapping them around trees and bushes. You can also pair them with candles or lanterns to further encapsulate an intimate atmosphere.   

festoon lights

Product Shown: Festoon Lights Classic Extendable

Remember to choose the appropriate bulb type for your room because choosing the wrong colour temperature may make your space feel clinical and uninviting. Many LED bulbs with lower lumen outputs and warmer colour temperatures are more suited for designing warm and inviting spaces.  

Will you be acting on any of these lighting tips this autumn? If you're seeking new interior or exterior lights to make your vision a reality, look no further than our extensive lighting collection.

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