Are you lacking inspiration for adding a touch of festiveness to your home? With Wren's guidance @hungryhearthome you will be decking those halls and positioning that wreath perfectly in no time. Learn how Wren transformed her empty wall by making a feature of all her much loved copper pans.  

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Lets Talk Inspiration 💭

Where did this idea originate from? 

One day I realised just how big my copper collection had become and how sad it was that it was all hidden away except for a few pieces here and there that would get pulled out for styling different spaces every once in a while. I really wanted a way to display my ever-growing collection and I had a big blank wall to play with so the wheels started turning in my brain for this project.


Treasure Hunting 🔎

Where did you get your beautiful collection of copper pans?

My entire collection has been thrifted and many pieces hold special little memories of the adventures had the day I found them. I have been an antique & thrift store addict since I was a little kid. My dad loved to look through old trinkets and I always ended up along for the ride. So most weekends you’ll catch me out looking for garage sales, driving hours to a flea market or out to the middle of nowhere to search through someones barn full of hidden treasur

Introducing Colour 🎨 

How did you choose the colour scheme?

Adding colours back into this home that feel like they could be original to the time it was built has really guided my design choices since we bought this home. I decided to go with all jewel toned paint colours throughout our home to make it feel cohesive but not matchy-matchy from one space to the next. I knew I wanted something extra moody & unique in our kitchen & Burgundy just felt so right in this space from the second I swatched the paint samples. It truly feels like it always should have been this way and I just love the warmth it brings to the space.

Brass is Best Door on Apple iOS 16.4

Why did you choose polished brass?

I love the idea of hardware that ages with time. In a way leaving our own mark in this beautiful old home of ours. Brass also just feels very age appropriate to the time our house was built and we’re trying out best to add back a lot of the character that has been stripped from the home over the years, so it felt like the perfect choice.

The DIY Life Chose Me 🔨

Has this been part of a wider renovation project? 

This wall was actually the final (ish) phase of our DIY kitchen makeover. In early 2023 we completely transformed our bland white modern kitchen that had been renovated by the previous owners. It felt very stark and so out of place in this 125 year old home. Our newly made over kitchen now feels like a warm hug it’s just so cozy and inviting. We made many changes in the kitchen including burgundy cabinetry which matches this new feature wall. Now that the wall is done it no longer feels disconnected from the rest of the kitchen and has really brought together the entire space. 

 Hindsight is a wonderful thing Fast Reverse Button on Apple iOS 16.4

Do you have any tips for other customers hanging our brass rails? 

If you want to span a long wall like ours and ensure it’s very secure / can take the weight of heavier items, here are our tips:

  1. We installed a piece of wood 1x2 along the entire length of the wall ensuring to secure it to the studs in the wall at as many intervals as possible. 
  2. We then filled, caulked, sanded and painted the 1x2 to match the wall so it blends in. 
  3. We then installed our brass rail brackets onto the 1x2 using longer screws for added stability & strength. It’s now easily carrying the weight of my giant copper collection with no worries on my end of it can handle the weight.


 What's Next?! 📋

Are there any other aspects of your beautiful kitchen/diner your considering updating? 

I absolutely love how this project turned out but there is still one GLARING issue left in our kitchen makeover that I’m dying to change. We inherited some fairly ugly floor tiles from the last owners and it is the one thing left in this space that I am dying to change. But that’s a project for another day hahaha!

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Why did you choose our Brass Rail?

I had a fairly hard time sourcing nicely designed brass hardware in the usual places. I stumbled upon Yester Home during my searches online and instantly fell in love with the vintage inspired designs of some of your lines. I then saw that it was a smaller family run company and instantly knew I wanted to support this business as I shop small as much as possible. My first order of hardware for our walk-in closet far exceeded my expectations and I’ve been using your hardware for every project ever since!



A massive thank you to Wren for joining us for this Q&A, why not follow her Victorian Coastal Cottage restoration journey over at @hungryhearthome


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