Moving is a significant accomplishment that deserves to be celebrated. That's why we've compiled our 5 unique housewarming gifts 
available right now for friends, family members, new neighbours, and anybody else to make a house a home and help commemorate this momentous occasion.
If you know someone who has recently acquired a home or has finally discovered their dream rental, this is your time to make them happy and help them settle in. We've included our top 5 unique housewarming gifts, which are thoughtful, personal and actually useful. Allow us to help you think outside the box.
dog tail door stop


Our dog tail cast iron doorstop is the perfect companion to keep your loved one's door open.


Made from reclaimed chunky wood, this lovely wall-mounted beer opener is a must-have for any home buyer. This solid cast iron bottle opener makes a great moving-in gift and will bring the receiver a lifetime of fun drinking beer.


These quality personalised vintage style enamel pressed street signs and nameplates are beautiful handmade signs, each plate is hand-made and then hand-sprayed using stoving enamel. No two signs or name plates will be the same which makes these signs a lovely gift or keepsake for their new home.

vintage signs


Now this is a pair of hand tools that every gardener needs, for a floral pro or a planting novice. The Horton Fork and Trowel Set will help your home mover clear weeds, remove soil and maintain flowerbeds once new plants and seeds begin to grow.

fork and trowl set


Help your new homeowner create a beautiful botanical arrangement indoors with our range of Hanging Plant Pots.

Available in three shapes, each piece comes with an internal PVC liner to pot plants, herbs and flowers in and water with ease. The range is particularly suited for use with ferns and trailing plants for a natural wild appearance.

hanging planters


Before you reach for your wallet, think about their style and personality, the overall look and size of their new place, and most importantly your budget. At Yester Home, we have a variety of options aside from our top 5 unique housewarming gifts across a range of price points, from gifts under £30 to a few items for individuals who'd like to splurge on a luxury housewarming gift for a loved one. Whatever you choose, the special person in your life will feel a little more at ease making a new start in their new home! Oh, and don’t blame us if you end up wanting to keep these housewarming gifts for yourself.


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