Robert Welch Cast Iron Nut Cracker


A lovely Cast Iron nutcracker from the Robert Welch collection from Victor.

Originally designed in 1964, this design has been cracking nuts for years and isn't going to go out of fashion anytime soon. Along with being practical and sturdy, this nutcracker makes a great ornament and conversation starter in any home. The extendable twist handle allows even the biggest of nuts to be cracked, up to 40mm in fact!

  • Made from quality heavy Cast Iron with a black finish
  • An original Robert Welch 1960s Design
  • Spindle handle allows even the biggest and toughest of nuts to be cracked easily
  • Rubber feet on base protect surfaces from marks and scratches 
  • Dimensions - Width: 100mm | Height: 190mm (fully extended)
  • Sold in original box, makes a great gift