Peaky Blinders Sign



A must have sign for any Peaky Blinders fan! 

This large quality vintage style enamel pressed PEAKY BLINDERS sign is a quality vintage style handmade sign which will last a lifetime guaranteed!

Made using traditional pressing methods developed over the last 120 years, the same method that was used for pressing old original number plates on vehicles. Some of the dies for the embossing process are 80 years old.

Each plate is hand made and then hand sprayed using stoving enamel. No two signs or name plates will be the same which makes these signs a lovely gift or keepsake for someone special. 

These embossed and enamelled signs and name plates are very hard wearing due to the traditional enamelling process used and are suitable for indoors or outdoors.

If one should fail, send it back and it will be replaced as they come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!

Choose from painted or polished letters. 

Sold complete with screws. 

Size: 14 x 6"