Large Vintlux 'HX26' Steel Shade-Shade Only


The Vintlux HX26 is a high quality and extremely hard wearing lampshade made of hand-spun steel. Its glossy enamel finish makes it an easy to clean, practical and timeless option. The HX26 is a beautiful and robust shade allowing  a smooth, flat field of light for all spaces like living room, work and dining areas.

Developed in Britain in 1926, these shades were efficiently designed for use in British cotton and woollen mills. This robust shade was also popular among garment factories where they were hung over cutting tables, engineering workshops and in many other trades where large work tables were being used.

  • Max 100w bulb
  • Diameter - 465mm
  • Height - 185mm
  • For use with E27 Lampholders
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Flex and Accessories not included - Shade only