E27 4W LED Titanium Mega Edison 125mm Spiral Filament Bulb

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These Mega Spiral Filament LED bulbs look awesome with their flexible spiral filaments giving off the traditional light of old fashioned incandescent bulbs and these 3rd Generation LED bulbs are fully dimmable too!

The 125mm diameter E27 Mega Edison Spiral Filament lamp is big enough to be a real design statement, perfect for display as bare bulbs.

In the latest smoked titanium slightly mirror finish, these lamps offer a style statement that spans from industrial and vintage right up to cutting edge modern. The LED filaments have a Warm Yellow 2100K colour temperature which is a virtual match for the traditional filament and looks just like it, even close up.

These lamps are designed to be seen and will enhance many decorative and atmospheric lighting applications in hotels, restaurants, shops and retail outlets as well as at home.

4W is less than 7% of the consumption of the equivalent 60W incandescent with the same light output.

  • E27 (ES) Screw Fitting
  • 4W, 240v
  • 60W equivalent
  • Diameter 125mm, Length 170mm
  • 100 lumens
  • 80 CRI
  • 15,000hr life
  • Colour Temperature 2100K
  • Energy Rating A
  • We recommend using Varilight V-Pro dimmers or trailing edge LED compatible type