E27 4W LED Long Tube Spiral Filament Bulb


These long tubes make a striking impression in any group of pendant lights. The 3rd generation dimmable LED filaments look exactly like the traditional incandescent filaments with their warm yellow light.

The long thin bulb with a lazy spiral filament is a real eye catcher, not too bright to look at and completely intriguing!

The 32mm diameter tubes have a gold tinted glass finish and a Warm Yellow White 2100K colour temperature. 

4W is less than 7% of the consumption of the equivalent 60W incandescent with the same light output.

  • E27 (ES) Screw Fitting
  • 4W, 240v
  • 60W equivalent
  • Diameter 32mm, Length 300mm
  • 200 lumens
  • 15,000hr life
  • Colour Temperature 2100K
  • Energy Rating A
  • We recommend using Varilight V-Pro dimmers