11" Cast Iron Pancake Pan

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Cast iron is a durable material, which can last a lifetime. This skillet is pre-seasoned and over time it simply becomes more and more stick-resistant. For those who wish to avoid non-stick products, this is a really good option and it is suitable for all cooking hobs including induction. It is also ovenproof but do not put in microwave. To care for your cast iron, always wash and dry it thoroughly as soon as it has been used. A care leaflet is provided with every product, as is a lifetime guarantee.

11" Diameter Pancake Pan

Length: 42cm x Width: 27.5cm x Height: 2cm


  • Healthier cooking as you use less oil
  • Even heat retention when cooking 
  • Added Iron into diet
  • Long lasting
  • Seasoned non-stick coating
  • Versatile usage, use for frying, baking, many uses
  • The more use the better the coating