According to recent statistics new build homes are now being built with more bathrooms than occupants. It seems it's not quality but the quantity of bathrooms that is the new must-have in the home.
With so many bathrooms and toilets to choose from how is anyone going to find them unless you have a bathroom or toilet door sign.
Bathroom Door Sign
It could be very easy to walk into the office, laundry or pantry by mistake and so a sign on that door may be a good idea too.
Office Kitchen Sign
We have plenty of toilet door signs to choose from and you can be as serious or quirky as you like. We have toilet door symbol badges to represent the difference between male, female and disabled toilets and also many different sizes, finishes and metals for the many worded toilet signs.
Bronze Toilet Door Signs
There are also the message signs that act as a reminder to please wash your hands, which is great if you have little ones.
Now Wash Your Hands Sign
We also have WC and Loo as alternative wording if that's your style.
WC Toilet Door Sign
So however many toilets and bathrooms you have it always helps if guests know where to find them.
Shower Door Sign
Even if you only have one tiny toilet you can give it a sign on importance as the smallest rooms take on a new prestige.
October 25, 2019 — Aiza Leano

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