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Is Kirkpatrick Black Ironmongery Right For Your Home?

Is Kirkpatrick Black Ironmongery Right For Your Home?

As one of the leading suppliers of Kirkpatrick black ironmongery, Yester Home is committed to bringing you the highest quality ironmongery and making sure the product is going to be right for you.
Kirkpatrick Black Iron Doorknob
One of the great reasons for choosing Kirkpatrick ironmongery for your home is the quality of the product. Produced in the UK their British Made black iron is far superior to cheaper imported ironmongery.
Black Iron Latch & Lock
Cast from Malleable iron, this iron is more durable, stronger and just simply does the job better when it comes to locks and latches, pull handles, boltswindow casements and door and gate furniture.
Black Iron Casement Stay
It is ideal for use in bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas, having particularly stylish up to date finishes and fittings, including window casements and light fittings.


 Kirkpatrick makes a wonderful selection of hinges and thumb latches too, with many decorative styles to choose from.
Black Iron Thumb Latch
Black cast hardware is the go-to choice when it comes to barn conversions, country homes and interiors and yet also looks great in a more contemporary setting too, especially the Kirkpatrick Blacksmith Forge Range, which is available in a variety of finishes.
Blacksmith Forge Range Door Knocker
We especially love the Blacksmith Forge Iron Gothic Lever Door Handle with Arched Backplate this is available in Kirkpatrick's argent finish, which is a raw distressed cast iron with a lacquer finish. This finish is perfect for adding rustic appeal to any country home.
Blacksmith Forge Range Gothic Lever Door Handle
If you have solid wooden doors or rustic barn doors in your home then Kirkpatrick black ironmongery would be your must-have door furniture. They have a huge selection of lever door handles, door knobs and hinges to select but also rim locks and security options including bathroom fittings and euro locks.
Door Knob, Letter Plate and Lever Handle
If you are looking to make an impact when visitors call to your home then traditional black ironmongery also looks great on townhouses and country cottages alike. Their iconic door furniture includes door knockers, letter plates and doorknobs, which all set off front doors beautifully.
Black Iron Doctors Door Knocker
Black ironmongery can also be used in practical ways outside your front door including boot scrapers, boot pulls front door signs and hanging basket brackets.
Hanging Basket Bracket
Whatever you choose we are sure that black ironmongery will be right for your home if you are looking for high-quality traditional fittings with a lifetime guarantee.


January 11, 2018
5 Best British Made Black Iron Lever Door Handles By Kirkpatrick

5 Best British Made Black Iron Lever Door Handles By Kirkpatrick

When it comes to buying black iron lever handles for the doors in your home the Kirkpatrick range is the go-to choice. With a huge range of designs to choose from Kirkpatrick lever door handles are suitable for many different interior doors. There are slim styles if space is an issue for you and more decorative styles for those looking for a traditional Victorian home.
Each lever door handle is crafted to perfection in their UK based foundry where quality and durability are synonymous with the Kirkpatrick name. Although Kirkpatrick makes many wonderful black iron lever door handles for you to choose from, here are our top ten designs that we have devised so that you can take a closer look at some of their most popular and stylish handles.
1. Top of the list is this all-time favourite Traditional black malleable iron lever door handle. This black iron Lever handle is the perfect handle for country homes and cottage doors. These are sold as a pair and suitable for locking with a standard key or a euro cylinder, they also come with a bathroom lock fitting, which makes them perfect for all occasions.
Traditional Lever Black Iron Door Handle
2.  The Blacksmith Forge Iron Gothic Lever Door Handle With Arched Blackplate makes the perfect door handle for homes that still want that traditional feel but with a more contemporary look, ideal for barn conversions, loft apartments, these handles look great on wooden doors in the Argent finish as shown here. They come in a variety of sizes and are also available with a lock fitting or euro cylinder.
 Blacksmith Forge Iron Gothic Lever Door Handle
3. We really love this dainty Bent Antique Black Iron Lever Handle With Petal Design Backplate latch lever handle which is spring loaded and has a double protective coating to last a lifetime. It is the perfect handle for bedroom doors and smaller cottage doors.
Bent Antique Black Iron Lever Door Handle With Daisy Backplate
4.The Smooth Iron Lever Door Handle On a Plain Backplate is a handle to suit any home. Made from Malleable iron this plain style backplate is very appealing to those looking for a traditional iron handle without any fuss. This handle speaks for itself. It comes with a lever handle on a lock backplate or a latch backplate or with a bathroom privacy fitting.
Smooth Iron Lever Door Handle
5. The Quadrant Iron Lever Door Handle has a solid quadrant handle which gives this handle a smart finish which is ideal for traditional townhouses and elegant homes. It comes with a lock backplate, latch and euro fitting, it also has a bathroom handle and is sold in pairs. 
Quadrant Iron Lever Door Handle


January 09, 2018