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8 Of The Best Cast Iron Shelf Brackets

Our range of cast iron brackets is second to none.
We have a huge variety available in many styles and sizes to suit your shelving requirements.
They are also great for holding up sinks,toilet and cisterns and add decoration to porches, conservatories, posh sheds or anywhere that a solid sturdy bracket is required.
Our popular Ironbridge bracket is named after the iconic Iron Bridge in Shropshire.
This simple classic bracket comes in 5 different sizes to suit your needs and our standard three colour options of black, white and pewter.
Cast Iron Ironbridge Shelf Brackets
If you are looking for something a little more ornate then the Kenrick cast iron bracket is a great choice.
This pattern is from an original by A.K and Sons.
It comes in 3 size choices: 5 x 4 Inch, 8 x 10 Inch and 10 x 12 Inch. 
Cast Iron Kenrick Shelf Brackets
If your project has more of a Gothic twist then or sturdy Gothic brackets are great to combine with Gothic seating and woodwork.
It comes in four size options and three colour choices.
Gothic Cast Iron Shelf Brackets
Our small Edwardian bracket is dinky and delightful coming in just one size it is perfect for fitting into small spaces.
Perfect as a bathroom bracket. 
Edwardian Cast Iron Shelf Brackets
If you have a home in the sun or just can't get enough of Sunflowers then our large Sunflower bracket is a must.
Great for country homes, summer houses and homes abroad.
Sunflower Cast Iron Cistern Bracket
We have two Victorian design brackets, one is our famous Victorian Scroll bracket design and the other one the Victorian Leaf.
Victorian Scroll Cast iron Bracket
They both come in two size choices to give you ultimate choice for a Victorian home renovation.
Victorian Leaf Cast Iron Bracket
Our Art Deco bracket comes in one size and is a popular choice for those looking for a sturdy but delicate design.
Art Deco cast Iron Bracket
Finally our Honeycomb brackets are a lovely lacy design reminiscent of a bees honeycomb and come in two size options.
Honeycomb Design Cast Iron Bracket
We have this great range of cast iron brackets and yet we are adding more.
We have more styles and sizes for you to choose from consistently being added to our range so keep checking to see if there is another project you just can't wait to get started on.
Cast iron brackets are a choice that will last the test of time and this is our 8 of the best.
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