The Kirkpatrick name is synonymous with black ironmongery. Having been founded in 1855 they have continued to develop their ranges of superb iron hardware, bringing many items up to date for use in modern homes. These include their window fittings which can now be used with UPVC windows as well as traditional wooden frames. Each and every item they manufacture is handmade in the UK with great skill and attention. Authentically produced using time honoured traditional foundry techniques that are as relevant to today's products as they ever were.
Black Iron Window Casement Fitting
So here are our 5 reasons why we consider you should choose Kirkpatrick ironmongery for your home.
Malleable Iron Foundry
1. It is highly durable being made of malleable iron. Malleable iron is a class of cast iron which has been treated to become an iron-carbon alloy. This means it has high strength properties but maintains a high level of ductility i.e. it can flex without breaking. They use malleable iron, because it is stronger and more durable than imported alternatives. 
Pouring Malleable Iron Kirkpatrick
2. Kirkpatrick Ironmongery is made in Walsall West Midlands in the UK. They are proud to be the only manufacturer of traditional black ironmongery left in the UK who genuinely pours their own metal.
Kirkpatrick Logo
3.Buying Kirkpatrick ironmongery means you are buying quality ironmongery which lasts. Kirkpatrick Ironmongery will remain highly decorative, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee.
Hand Making Kirkpatrick Handles
4. Each piece of Kirkpatrick ironmongery is expertly crafted with care over a 6 week period, ensuring each door handle and window latch is unique and lovingly created to provide strength and quality. They are also able to produce new fittings that perfectly match the style and character of old buildings.
5. They have the largest range of black ironmongery available including a variety of finishes such as pewter which is achieved by using a different colour final coating to give along lasting Pewter effect. This finish is available on all products. and Argent which has a slight stippled ‘naked’ silver metal finish which creates subtle highlights in differing lights. It differs from Pewter in that it is a bare metal finish with a coat of clear lacquer applied for protection.These are offered as alternatives to black. All of the Kirkpatrick range complements one another perfectly and so you can rest assured that your door furniture, window fittings, locks and latches and even your front door and gate fittings match succinctly. They also have new ranges including the Blacksmith Range.
Blacksmith Forge Range Coat Hooks

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