When it comes to wall mounted bottle openers then a cool looking heavy opener that does its job well is just what we're looking for. Cast iron wall mounted bottle openers fit that description so well that they seem the prefect choice to use for parties, barbecues, and get togethers of all kinds. They can be fixed to tables, shelves,even chair backs as well as walls and come in a variety of styles and options of with or without catchers. So here are our 5 favorite wall mounted bottle openers that we consider the best choice for your party.
Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
  • No 1 favourite is this Vintage cast iron wall mounted bottle opener. It is sturdy, simple and does the job. It can be positioned any where that you need it unobtrusively. Next to door ways, near fridges, on the side of tables, on a bar. Really anywhere that you would like to open a beer.
Cast Iron Wall Mounted Beer Bottle Opener
Cast Iron Wall Mounted Beer Bottle opener With Bottle Neck Skirt
  • No 3 is this delightful rustic wall beer bottle opener with wooden cap catcher. We love the colour and rugged finish of this great bottle opener. It's great for any man cave or blue room.
Wooden and Cast Iron Rustic Wall Mounted Bottle Opener
  • No 4 is this great Vintage style rustic cast iron beer bottle opener with cap catcher. It has been
    handmade here in the UK from 100% solid reclaimed wood. Such a beauty we can just imagine being at a great house warming party and using this it also makes a great gift for men.
Rustic Wooden Beer Bottle Opener With Cap CatcherWooden Beer Bottle Carrier With Cast Iron Bottle Opener
  • No 5 is finally the rustic handmade beer bottle tote carrier including wall mounted beer bottle opener on the side. Each individual piece of wood is carefully picked by hand, making sure it has a good grain and character. The wood is then sanded down and finally painted in a shabby chic vintage beach blue paint. A mixture of reclaimed and pallet wood is used in order to give rustic unique charm to each Beer Carrier. No single one is ever the same. Having the wall mounted beer bottle opener on the side is an added bonus. Take your beer anywhere and open it at the same time.
    After all that we think the only thing left to do is crack open a beer and get this party started.
    November 19, 2015 — Edward Styles

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