"Let's celebrate brass, the luxurious finish that instantly adds interest to spaces. It is stylish, sleek, and compliments just about any colour you can imagine. Keeping things simple, brass is an alloy consisting of zinc and copper. Its resilience makes it the perfect fit for frequently used household touch points. 
Have you ever considered how to give tarnished hardware some TLC? 
Maybe you have noticed a few stains, or perhaps this is your first time cleaning an item that has gathered years' worth of dirt. It can be a daunting thought but our how-to guide will have your brass hardware shining in no time! 

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How to tell if your hardware is brass

There are various tell-tale signs as to whether your brass is high quality. Solid brass will repel a magnet. On a hidden area, scratch the surface with a sharp object and a shiny yellow scratch will be revealed.  

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What is the difference between Lacquered and Unlacquered Brass? 

Brass will naturally tarnish over time, a process which is accelerated by the oils in your skin, weather conditions if left outdoors or if cleaned excessively with corrosive products. 
Here at Yester Home we have two different types of coating available, the information below will help you to decide on which finish is the best choice for you. 

Lacquered brass 

    This option has a clear lacquered coating which helps protect the hardware and prevent patination over time. The shiny appearance is maintained achieving a consistently polished, clean and modern look. The upside to lacquered brass is that it doesn't require any cleaning and is low maintenance. The downside to lacquered brass is that many many years down the line the lacquer could eventually start to peel. 

    Un-lacquered brass 

      Un-coated, bare brass is becoming increasingly popular and is perfect choice for those of you aiming for a more antique style, as it will age over time each piece developing a golden patina as its exposed to oxygen (just remember, this process is perfectly normal and adds beautiful character to your hardware).

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      Cleaning No Go's

      To help your brass hardware look its best, there are some mistakes we would recommend avoiding to prevent any damage or make it more challenging to clean. Give these pointers some thought before rolling up your sleeves. 
      • Avoid using abrasive cleaning products including towels, sponges, cleaning sprays, sanitisers, bleach etc 
      • Avoid using Steel Wool or Wire Brushes
      • Avoid using water which can cause lead to corrosion
      • Avoid using excessive amounts of polish which can leave residue present
      • Don't neglect regular maintenance  

      How To Clean Unlacquered Brass Hardware

      Pro Tip: Before cleaning remove rings and any other jewellery that could scratch the metal.   

      What you will need: 

      • Gloves
      • Soft cloth (microfibre etc)
      • Brasso (our old faithful) or Peek Polish (a pea sized amount is perfect)

      How to:

      before and after polished brass

      1. Firstly, ensure that there is no dirt or debris present on the hardware. Wipe with a soft cloth to remove any stray particles. 
      2. Remove a small piece of wadding from the Brasso. 
      3. Buff onto the brass in circular or a left to right motion fully coating the surface (the wadding should be black from the tarnish).
      buffing with brasso
      4. Then polish the hardware immediately with a microfibre cloth until all of the substance has been removed. 
      5. Repeat steps 2-4 if necessary. 
      before and after
      And that's how you can give your brass hardware new life and ensure it remains as regal and radiant as the day it graced your home.
      Before and after photos will give you an ultimate boost from a job well done, don't forget to tag us on socials so we can see your as-good-as-new hardware ourselves! @yesterhome

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