The festive season is all about spending time with your loved ones, and the table is THE place where you are all united. Make your memorable moments even more special by taking the time to create the perfect setting for your festive feasts. The main spaces that you will want to prepare in advance are the kitchen and dining areas, all good parties end up here and so you need to have them ready for cooking and entertaining.
It's time to spruce things up! Get ready for our top 6 decoration ideas to help bring your Christmas table to life. 

Create a captivating centrepiece 

Your dining table is going to be central to hosting, so creating a focal point is essential. We're sure you will love serving pre-dinner drinks from this majestic Stag Pewter Decanter, produced 100% in the UK. The play of light through the glass and its unique shape, allows you to showcase your finest wine in the best possible way. Whilst aerating and enhancing your beverage of choice, it becomes a conversation starter for guests to appreciate. 


Be prepared for all courses

Think nuts and picky-bits to start, with cheese and biscuits to finish. If exquisite presentation is what you are aiming for our unique Pewter Stag Nut Bowl, Cast Pewter Cocktail Picks and Set of 3 Cheese Knives are perfect. Displaying nuts and cheeses in dedicated bowls with complementary knives makes it easy for guests to serve themselves and ensures that the distinct flavours of different cheeses are preserved. 

nut dish
set of 3 cheese knives

Introduce a touch of festiveness 

Nothing creates ambience quite like candlelight, it adds depth to photos making your Christmas table a picturesque backdrop for capturing special moments with your nearest and dearest. Our Star Candle Holder is also a nod to tradition, as candles are associated with hope, joy and celebration. 

star candle holder

Think practical 

Our Traditional Trivet in forest green, is an easy to clean option for creating a protective barrier between hot serving dishes and your dining table. In addition to practicality, they help to maintain food temperature and add a decorative touch to your spread.   


Make it personal 

Introduce attention to detail with personalised name tags attached to our Antique Brass Napkin Rings which are versatile enough to be used again throughout the year. They add an additional layer of elegance to your setting, whilst keeping napkins neatly folded.  

napkin rings

Transforming your table into a festive masterpiece, will create a warm inviting atmosphere for your holiday gatherings. Whether you prefer a traditional or more rustic vibe, our collections above are perfect for awakening your creative spirit and introducing a variety of textures.  
  Cheers to a stylish and tree-mendous Christmas celebration!

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