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5 Reasons To Cook In Cast Iron Pans.

When it comes to cooking we are loving the cast iron pans in the range by Victor. The skillets are just the best for cooking up all sorts of great recipe ideas and can be used both on the hob and then transferred inside the oven. Our favourite dish cooked this way is the French tarte tartin made with apples or pears, but less of this mouth watering talk of delicious treats and onto our 5 reasons why we think you should be cooking in cast iron pans.
cast iron skillet pan cooking
1. They get better with age. Our favourite reason for cooking with these great cast iron pans is that they just get better and better as the seasoned surface develops into a great natural non stick surface. It's a great healthy alternative to non stick pans as the seasoned pan will not only mean you can use less oil but also that non of the toxic PFC coatings from cheaper pans will find it's way into your food.
Cast Iron Skillet
2. They can be used inside the oven too. It's just great when you have those dishes that require cooking on the hob and then transferring to the oven to finish off. The skillets have cast iron handles and so are easily transferable from hob to oven.
Cast Iron Griddle
3. They retain the heat brilliantly which is great for saving money on energy bills and also keeps the food piping hot when serving food directly to the table in the pan.
Cast Iron Griddle Pan
4. Iron is a health giving mineral which is transferred directly from the pan to the food when cooking in cast iron, this is especially good if you are vegetarian and may be lacking in this vital nutrient.
Cast Iron Pestle and Mortar
5. It's a great investment in not only your health but also will last for generations. One of those great things that will still be around to pass down to your grandchildren.
So what's stopping you get those pans out and start cooking now.
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